3D Print and Design

We provide taylored 3D Print and Design Services. Utilizing industry leading software we are able to sketch, mold and render your ideas. We can provide you a customized product, fine tuned and accurately measured for performace or something as subtle as a custom decor gift. 

✔ 3D Prints (Single/ Multi color) 

Available Materials - PLA, PLA+, ABS, PTEG, TPU, Carbon Fiber, Wood Infued, Metal infued, Glow in the dark. 

✔ 3D Design

        - 3D Modeling 

        - Remeshing 

        - Modifications & Alterations

        - File Formatting and Converting

Laser & CNC

We offer Laser Engraving / Etching & CNC Servises. We are able to work with materials such as Wood, Tile, Leather, Coated Metals, Acrylic, PCB, and Plastics.

✔ Image to Surface

✔ Text to Surface

✔ Design to Surface

✔ Metal Business Cards

✔ Plaques & Signs

✔ Paper / Card Stock

✔ Phone Cases and Computers

If you have a material that you would like processed that isn't on the list. Message us to confirm. We enjoy exploring and testing new materials.

Graphics & Business

We provide a wide range of general Graphic and Business Services

✔ Graphic Apparel

✔ Logos

✔ Decals and Stickers

✔ Sublimination & Transfers

✔ Document Lamination 

✔ Image Prep (Line tracing & formating) 

✔ Photo Restoration & Colorization

✔ Business Materials

(Promotional items, Signs, Merch, Business Cards)

✔ Web and Social media Graphics 

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